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Industrial automation systems

ASI has been providing the control systems for the fully automatic oil collection and oil-water separation systems produced by the company Jafo Technologie, Hamburg, for several years.

These oil-water separation systems are used onboard oil spill combating vessels or installed in standard ISO 20’ containers for greater mobility.

The control systems are designed mainly for electrical-hydraulical systems.

The separation systems installed in containers (SEPCON) are equipped with diesel generators or electrical power packs depending upon their area of employment.
Several oil-water separation systems fulfill the regulations for employment in explosion zones.
JAFO oil spill combating equipment controlled by ASI systems is used worldwide. The following German government oil spill combating vessels are equipped with various types of separation systems:

  • SUBS North Sea MV Neuwerk
  • SUBS Baltic Sea (in production)
  • MV Bottsand
  • MV Eversand
  • MV Vilm

SEPCON units installed in containers are used by the German disaster relief organization THW and the Hamburg fire brigade as well as in Canada, Romania, Jordan, Cuba, etc...

Currently, we are developing the controls for 2 skimmer launch systems for an Arctic research vessel, which will be delivered in late 2004.

All of our industrial automation systems are based upon the programmable logic control systems, type AEG – Modicon MICRO 612 04 / 311 03 by Schneider Electric.

Control Launch System
Seaskimmers SUBS Ostsee

Monitoring Control Loading System
SUBS Ostsee