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Nautical watch alarm system

The systems of the type NA/WA PANELWARE are used to supervise nautical alarms. In addition, the integrated watch alarm system supervises the duty officer during single-hand operation (dead man’s supervision).

The nautical alarm system supervises 12 binary nautical alarm circuits, e.g. compass failure, automatic helmsman failure, etc...

The respective alarms are given both acoustically and in written form on an LCD display.

The watch alarm system is activated by the duty officer.

Three different time intervals can be set for the activation of the signaling devices. When the safety key is inserted, time intervals of 1.5, 3 or 9 minutes can be set. Once the safety key has been removed, the alarm system is activated and cannot be manipulated any longer. The set time interval is shown via an indicator light.

Should the watch alarm system fail or be turned off, this is registered and indicated by the engine room alarm system.

NA-WA Panelware