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Power management systems

Power management systems of the type GSS WLR-MI consist of:

  • a generator protection system with all functions prescribed by the class regulations
  • control of the generator switch (each system is programmed for all common switch types)

The units are delivered complete with all necessary prepared cables and terminal strips for internal main switchboard wiring
(see file: Power management scope of delivery: cable connections)

As an option, a control tableau can also be delivered complete with all generator operation elements as well as with plugged collector cables. The tableau is equipped with:

  • control mode selector switch manual/automatic
  • generator on switch
  • generator off switch
  • indicator light generator excited
  • indicator light switch error/synchronisation fault
  • indicator light switch on
  • indicator light heating on

This minimizes the wiring work to be done by the main switchboard manufacturer.

The systems are entirely tested at our own testing facilities, which reduces the testing time of the complete main switchboard.

The desired cable length may be individually ordered by the main switchboard manufacturer. ASI provides a form, the manufacturer only has to fill in the desired cable lengths.

The standard version of our power management systems continue to be equipped with automatic synchronization, actual load regulation and cyclical start transfer in case of blackout.

Load demand control is available as an option. Both the start and stop functions of the generator at a preset load as well as the starting of additional generators to supply large consumers can be individually adjusted.

Furthermore, an uninterrupted feed-back can be provided between the emergency and the main main switchboard and back. Feed-back occurs only when the diesel and emergency generators are operating in automatic mode.
After the reset, the unit is set automatically into sea operation mode (emergency generator starts and stops in case of blackout). This prevents operation mistakes due to choosing the wrong setting of the mode selector switch.

Our start and supervision systems for auxiliary engines, type DSG - MICRO and emergency generator type DSGN – MICRO are part of the power management system, but may also be purchased separately.

Online Diagram Powermanagement

Complete System with Gen. Protection, Diesel Start Unit and main switchboarde

Powermanagement Cable Diagram

Control Display Diesel Start Unit