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Alarm and monitoring systems

Systems of the type Modicon 984 - A120 are used for the monitoring of machinery equipment onboard of container vessels, megayachts and specialized vessels.
The input of various types of sensors, such as binary NC/NO, 0/4-20 mA, 0-10Volt, thermoelements, Pt 100/ Pt 1000, can be evaluated and processed.
These systems are mainly used for watchless vessel operation.
A standby alarm system and an engineer call system are integrated into the unit. Larger systems may be equipped with various substations to which the sensors can be connected. The exact number of substations may be chosen by the customer in order to optimize the vessel’s cable system.

The substations are preferably equipped with the highly compact assembly units offered by Wago. Data exchange between the main station and its substations is carried out via a CAN Bus coupling. The main CPU as well as the respective visualization systems are equipped with assembly units and displays by Schneider Electric.
The controls for standby pumps can be integrated into the alarm system in order to optimize the cable system even further.

The system comes equipped either with 11“ TFT touchscreen displays or with a conventional keyboard. Column diagrams displaying temperature, filling level or pressure can be easily configured. Threshold values may be set via the display. Average exhaust gas measuring systems are standard for watchless vessels.

Should a larger number of graphics for trend curves, operation time counters, etc... be required, PC systems by HP with special marine kits are used. The type and size of the monitors may be chosen by the customer.
We have equipped several megayachts with analogue measurement instruments on an 18“ monitor integrated into the bridge console. As design is of maximum importance with yacht bridge consoles and the analogue indicators frequently do not conform to the designer’s vision, this solution was chosen and approved by the classification society Lloyd’s Register.

All systems for watchfree operation are equipped with a disturbance printer.

The systems are suitable for connection to the 24 Volt automation network. If the vessel is equipped with a 220 Volt PC system, we offer USV units as an option.

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