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Our range of ship automation units consists of the following products:
  • alarm and monitoring systems
  • power management systems
  • main engine safety systems
  • standby pump control systems
  • nautical watch alarm systems

Our automation units have been approved by all major classification societies such as German Lloyd, Lloyd’s Register, Det Norske Veritas, Buero Veritas and Rina.

Our activities in the field of industrial automation consist mainly of developing and producing control systems for the company Jafo Technologie, Hamburg.

Among other things, Jafo Technologie develops and produces environmental protection oil-water separation systems. After an oil spill, these systems collect an oil and water mixture from sea or inland waters and separate this mixture into oil and water. These separation systems, called SEPCON, are installed into standard ISO 20‘ containers. Energy is supplied via an onboard generator or outside power source. These SEPCON units have been built according to the standards and regulations of the German Lloyd. Units employed in explosion zones are subject to particularly strict standards and thus certified for every special case.

What is more, we have provided the control systems for JAFO oil spill combating equipment installed onboard of oil recovery vessels. For example, the automatic skimmer launch system, the tank supervision and the separation systems of the German government oil spill combating vessel MV Neuwerk are all equipped with ASI control systems. ASI control systems will also be employed onboard of an oil recovery vessel of the same type, codenamed Baltic Sea SUBS, which is currently in production and will be delivered in 2004.

For an overview of the marine and industrial automation units delivered by us, please check our constantly updated reference list. In order to increase the efficiency in urgent service cases, we have been working with partners in Miami, Florida, USA.