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ASI was founded on September 1st, 2000, after the company STN Atlas, main office Hamburg, closed its Bremen branch.

Since 1991, the department MLW 3 of STN Atlas has been developing, producing and selling automation units for small and medium-sized vessels.

Since the beginning, our units have been based on programmable logic control (PLC) systems by AEG/Modicon (sold since 2002 via Schneider Electric) and assembly units by Wago.

Our automation units are equipped with the most up-to-date hardware components currently available. Since we only employ hardware components of well known manufacturers with sales offices and service points worldwide, the quick and easy availability of spare parts is guaranteed at any time.

Management and personnel consist solely of longtime employees of the MLW 3 department of STN Atlas GmbH.

All rights to the automation units that were developed and certified during our time with STN Atlas GmbH were entirely transferred to ASI.

Further information about our automation units can be found by clicking on the menu item products.

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